64 Dien Bien Phu, Minh Khai Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong Province






If you used to visit Hai Phong Port, you will surely love this land at first sight. The city of red phoenix flowers has skillfully kept visitors souls by beautiful landscapes, delicious and typical dishes, gentle and pleasant people. And it would be missing without mentioning Manoir Des Arts - a French style Boutique hotel, which has added a beautiful picture of Hai Phong with unique and unmistakable touches.

manoir des arts

manoir des arts

Impressive beauty of Manoir Des Arts landscape

Manoir Des Arts - A "Miniature France" in the heart of Hai Phong

Located on the "historic road" Dien Bien Phu street - the heart of Hai Phong city, Manoir Des Arts hotel is full of love and poetry of "the red phoenix flowers city", will be a new place of residence, promising for near and far travelers. The pristine white of glass windows outside the hotel along with the unique architecture brings both ancient and luxurious direction, attached to the gaze of pedestrian crossing the street.

manoir des arts

manoir des arts

Lobby has bold French architectural style

Hai Phong TOSERCO Tourism and Service Joint Stock Company is the unit that brought this pride to Hai Phong Port City.

Inspired by the dark green or emerald, red from Bordeaux wines, Manoir Des Arts uses contrasting colors but harmonizes in a unified whole: green - red, black - white.

manoir des arts

Luxurious furniture in a hotel room

Where inspiration live sublimates

Aiming to become the gold standard of high-end Boutique hotel, with a harmonious combination of elegance, eternal beauty and sophistication made by the talented design team from the top interior design company in Vietnam - New space and consulted, managed and operated by experts of UHMGROUP, Manoir Des Arts will make you feel like you are entering a "castle" of art - the convergence of humanistic beauty lines.

manoir des arts

Bedroom design brings complete relaxation for visitors

From the first glance, Manoir Des Arts were able to crush any heart that captivated the romantic beauty of French love songs. The beauty of Manoir Des Arts is conveyed through fine art installation to detail, with white leaf doors, mosaic stones, old ceramic tiles, royal-oriented beds, ceiling-style ceiling fans, the high buildings and double-layer doors, etc. Those are the details that made Manoir Des Arts the most elegant and unique.

manoir des arts

Another layout in the bedroom

Luxury design brings the royal breath of Manoir Des Arts

Including 44 luxurious rooms, modern facilities and Bonne Vie restaurant system, bar and service of international standards, Manoir Des Arts hotel is the perfect destination for business trips. Manoir Des Arts understands many tourists’ fear of having to stay in hotels, bringing a comfortable, cozy and friendly atmosphere to every tourist.

Owning the ideal location, visitors can combine exploring nearby attractions such as Do Son, Cat Ba, Lan Ha Bay, Hon Dau Island,...from Manoir Des Arts. In a radius of less than 20km, guests can fully visit most of the famous tourist destinations of The red phoenix flowers city.

manoir des arts

manoir des arts

manoir des arts

Poetic corners at Manoir Des Arts

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