UHM Academy is a unit directly under the management of UHM Group, with the function of regular training to improve foreign languages, skills, knowledge and attitudes for employees before and during their work, especially in the field of services, tourism, travel, hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, karaoke bars, spas; human resource supply, corporate restructuring.

UHM Academy owns a team of experienced teachers, trainers, professional training environment, standard facilities, helping students participate in the course with high efficiency.

Vision & Mission

UHM Academy aims to become the most prestigious tourism training and development institute in Vietnam.

Core values

  • STRICTLY in helping teachers and students prepare, implement and evaluate teaching and learning outcomes.
  • EXPLORE all resources to support effective teaching and learning.
  • ACCOMPANY with teachers and students anywhere teaching and learning activities.

uhm academy

UHM Academy logo.


Scientific research, training and development in the fields of Human Resources, Social Sciences - Humanities, Natural Sciences and Technology.


  • Performing services in science and technology training, consultancy, applied research, technology transfer; organize and participate in programs, conferences, seminars, training and retraining courses; domestic and international cooperation plans according to the provisions of law;
  • Deploy, apply and transfer scientific and technological research results;
  • Performing international cooperation on science and technology according to the provisions of law;
  • Organizing research cooperation; linking training on science and technology with research institutes; Foreign universities in accordance with the law.

Why should you choose UHM Academy

  • Providing short-term training courses in the hospitality industry
  • Lecturers are a team of leading experts, with many years of experience in large hotels and resorts.
  • The curriculum focuses on practical skills and knowledge like on job training

Training programs at UHM Academy

  • Receptionist major
  • Restaurant major
  • Restaurant major
  • Hotel Security Profession major
  • Food & Beverage (Asian & European cuisine) major
  • Housekeeping major
  • International tour guide major
  • Hotel manager

The partners of UHM Academy

UHM Academy's partners are major resort hotels across the country such as The 5-star Sunset Sanato Resort (Phu Quoc), the 4-star Golf Valley Hotel (Da Lat), Hong Van Grand Hotel (Mong Cai, Quang Ninh), the 4-star Boutique Sapa Legend Hotel & Spa, the 4-star Boutique Manoir Des Arts Hotel (Hai Phong), Dalat Edensee Luxury Resort (Da Lat), etc.

uhm academy

The highlight hotel project of UHM Academy - The 4-star Boutique Manoir Des Arts Hotel

In addition, in the context of scarcity of human resources in the field of tourism, UHM Academy also cooperates with colleges and universities in the country to train high-quality human resources to meet urgent needs of the market. UHM Academy has signed training cooperation such as: Vocational College of Da Lat, College of Economics - Technology Lam Dong, College of Tourism Dalat, Duy Tan University,... UHM Academy aims to cooperating in training to improve the quality of vocational education for university students, creating favorable conditions for students wishing to practice and work at enterprises of UHM Group.

With extensive experience in teaching and training with a wide network of projects, UHM Academy will be the ideal tourism training and development environment for human resources.