Construction of the project's equipment

Construction of the project's equipment


The resort's activities must comply with the laws, regulations of the authorities at all levels and the regulations, norms and standards issued by the Resort within its jurisdiction.


Service standards, technical norms and management regulations of the Resort are standards built on the basis and specific conditions of the Resort, not contrary to the State's regulations.


Develop standards, norms and regulations of the Resort including:

- Research the needs and the necessity to develop standards, norms and regulations of the Resort;

- Researching related State regulations;

- Selecting an approach and developing standards, norms and regulations;

- Carry out the development of specific standards, norms and regulations;

- Consult experts, workers;

- Completing, appraising and approving;

- Develop a process of inspection, supervision and adjustment.


Set labor norms and labor norms for each department

- Developing labor quality standards according to job positions.

- Set labor norms (or contracts) for individuals and departments.

- Define the number of regular and seasonal workers for each department.


Expected and planned specific criteria of the job description

- Design criteria for various career titles

- Meet the capacity and motivation of employees.

- Describe the activities that employees must perform to achieve the set business goals.

- Enhance the role of employees at each job position.


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Project furniture has always been an important part of Tooling Consulting

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The good management of project equipment will help businesses reduce the cost of the warranty, new purchases