Consulting supervision and use

Consulting supervision and use


Consulting supervision and use


Shaping the process and following it properly in the Monitoring and Use of Tools at the project will be a prerequisite to help the Departments understand their rights, responsibilities, maintain durability. sustainability of investment activities, helping businesses optimizes the cost of the warranty, maintenance, and purchase of new tools. This includes the following items:


Asset management of customers

- List the customer assets within the scope of management responsibilities

- Distinguish guest properties

- Identify steps in the process of managing precious assets:

- Identify steps in the process of managing lost assets.

- Reassure guests.

- Suggest guests carry out the declaration procedure.

- Notice of security team.

- Identify the steps in the guest asset management process.


Asset management of the department

- Realizing the sense of thrift preserving and preserving assets of the division.

- Using stationery.

- Using equipment.

- Preserving assets of the department.

- Check routine maintenance.

- Suggest regular maintenance inspection.


Monitor goods at the lobby

- Carry out inspection and supervision of goods sold at the souvenir shop.

- Keep a record of receipts and expenditures in souvenir sales.

- Use stationery's import and export logbook.

- Carry out inspection and supervision of stationery systems used in the lobby section.


tu van giam sat va su dung

The project interior needs to be maintained and maintained by the responsible Departments

tu van giam sat va su dung

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