Building and organizing the promotion

Building and organizing the promotion


Promotion is the effort of businesses to inform, persuade, remind and encourage customers to buy products as well as understand the products of the business to help sell quickly and many products.


  1. Define the mission of promotion

- Invite travel agents to your area and hotel to learn and get familiar with products, services and activities at the hotel.

- Call directly to travel agencies that promote or sell products to hotels.

- There are always articles about the hotel with the necessary updates, the latest images provided to travel agencies, newspapers and officials to the hotel.


  1. Determine the purpose of the promotion

- Notice the presence of hotel products on the market.

- Encourage customers to buy products, promote buying faster and more.

- Compare to customers that the product of the hotel is different from the products of other competitors.

- Convincing customers to buy products.


  1. Determine the goal of the ad

- Demand-driven:

+ Building awareness of the target market about trademarks;

+ Create a friendly guest on the hotel;

+ Building loyalty with the image of the hotel;

+ Maintain loyalty to the brand;

+ Maintain awareness of brand image.

- Direction to image:

+ Develop and maintain a good image of the hotel;

+ Create selection needs;

+ Building and developing a reputation for the brand;

+ Promote the brand.


  1. Budgeting for advertising

Once the repeat business is well done and word of mouth advertising becomes familiar and gracious, advertising budgets can be cut to 4-5% of selling expenses.


  1. Identify the means of advertising

- Word of mouth.

- Direct mailing.

- Internet.

- News.

- Trade fair.

- Magazine.

- Television, radio.


  1. Cooperation with tourism agencies (domestic or regional)

- Provide photos and information.

- Articles that provide hotel information on other magazines


  1. Advertising through word of mouth

- Inexpensive cost.

- High efficiency.


  1. Identify methods to be effective from word of mouth advertising

- Invite guests to record their comments or experiences during their stay in the hotel gold book.

- Based on the results of close relationships between guests and hotel management.

- Send welcome letters directly to guests.

- Name and signature of the hotel manager.

- Discount offers for accompanying guests, extra days or offers preferential rates for guests who have been to the hotel.

- Meet each guest individually.

- Through chat find out what guests have concerns that you can help to please guests.

- Consider giving gifts to guests who return with your business card.

- Goodbye to each guest.


  1. Designing information file

- Beautifully presented and printed.

- Provide true information about the product.

- Identify the characteristics of the hotel.

- The name of city/region/country must be placed in the upper or the upper right corner of the information file.

- The name of the hotel is located in the upper-middle with a printed and easy to read style.

- Information such as country name and hotel name should be printed on both the front and back of the brochure.

- Hotel name, address, telephone number, and email address must always be printed clearly.


  1. Price list

- Do not print in excessive quantities in actual quantities during the season or time of year.

- Do not send guests a greeting or brochure without a price list.


  1. Advertising travel business

- Special directory for travel agents, wholesalers, and airlines.

- Guide notebook.

- Newspapers and magazines.

- Local magazines

- Magazines and travel newspapers.


  1. Free promotion activities

- Free stay.

- Free dinner.

- Dinner tickets with prizes.

- Weekend holiday for 2 guests or for the whole family.

- Lunch or dinner for groups of guests.

- Always issue press releases.


  1. Direct selling

- Call.

- Directly visit customers.

- Visit important guests.

- Participate in trade fairs.

- Kash hotel staff are also salespeople.

- Customer Satisfaction.

- Guest reviews can have a positive effect on your hotel.