Monitoring, measurement & reporting

Monitoring, measurement & reporting


Monitoring and measuring implementation activities, providing timely solutions to ensure the given plans are on schedule and goals. Follow the original performance indicators to measure and evaluate each item.


The most important factors when evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of a multi-channel marketing campaign include:


  • Brand identity
  • Conversion rate from readers to leads
  • Conversion rate from lead to customer
  • Interaction level
  • Loyalty / customer retention
  • Traffic website
  • Order number
  • The number of customers returning, or the number of people returning to the website


Regardless of the indicator, businesses need to remember that it is important to measure the effectiveness of each content presented in the campaign. And each content should be evaluated effectively by at least two factors as above (or more). For example, with the social media example above, you can pick out the effective measurement factors of interaction and brand recognition.