Structure of products and services

Structure of products and services


Identify products in the hotel business, identify the benefits that hotel products bring to guests, implement the main contents of the product policy.


  1. Identify hotel products

Describe the types of hotel rooms, services, style, atmosphere, etc.


  1. Review the product of the hotel

- Determining which specific markets are available.

- Know what those potential markets expect. 

- Which mixed marketing methods are needed to penetrate that market.

- Grasp the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to target market segments like your hotel.


  1. Make a decision about the hotel product portfolio

- Width, depth, abundance and degree of harmony of products:

+ Location;

+ Scale;

+ Equipment;

+ Appearance of the hotel;

+ Number of services;

+ Occupational skills of employees;

+ Ability to meet the needs of guests.


  1. Diversify products

- Offering many types of services: accommodation, dining, entertainment, etc. to meet the needs of guests and tourists during their stay at the hotel.


  1. Improve and improve product quality

- Completing the structure of the product.

- Improve safety, durability, humidity resistance, hygiene and comfort.

- Change the style, color and taste of the product.


  1. Developing new products for each target market makes a difference.

- Completing existing products.

- Find new ideas.

- Select and evaluate new ideas.

- Developing new products and testing new products.