58 Tran Hung Dao, Dong Phu Ward, City. Dong Hoi, Quang Binh province






Following the success of Atena Pub & Cafe, Atena Bakery & Café was built after a few years of dreaming idea about a European style bakery. Until now, after a short period of effective operation, Atena Bakery & Café gets impressed with the young not only by unique style as well as the image of special 3D walls but also a diversified menu of cakes and drinks, attracted the young to come here to check-in.

du an atena bakery

Atena Bakery & Café from outside

Atena Bakery & Café has a spacious space with unique decoration. It is known as the place where has a beautiful background, you just need to bring a camera and receive beautiful pictures immediately. The tables are set up in a place filled with sunlight, both cozy and modern, interspersed with fragments of green and cool plants. This bakery has decorated sparkling chandeliers and the 3D rain wall also creates a “strong wave” of influence on the young here. All of them blend together to create a very special highlight of Atena Bakery & Café.

atena bakery dong hoi

An impressive rain wall attracts young people at Atena Bakery

tiem banh atena dong hoi

Greening space of Atena Bakery

Besides, Atena Bakery & Café constantly impresses the young by an attractive and diversified menu - 99 kinds of cakes at affordable prices. Cake-lovers in Dong Hoi City will love to come to high-rise bakeries here. Atena pleases the most fastidious diners when Atena’s cake made by top professional chefs, rigorous with the pastry industry standards.

khai truong du an atena bakery

The UHM Group has a photo taken at the opening ceremony of Atena Bakery

With the funny slogan: “If you love each other, let’s come and buy cake together at Atena”, Atena Bakery & Café is really the ideal place to meet for a couple of friends. They eat and drink together, talk about life, the future and take some pictures to seize memories. Atena Bakery & Café is consulted to set up and managed by UHM Group in 2018 - The cooperation specializes in consulting, setting up and managing of resorts, hotels, restaurants, cafe, spa, etc in the high-end segment. Atena Bakery & Café and Atena Pub & Café created a modern, young cake chain with European style, impressive with the young in here.

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