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The subsidiary & affiliate company system


UHM Academy is a unit directly under the management of UHM Group, with the function of regular training to improve foreign languages, skills, knowledge and attitudes for employees before and during their work, especially in the field of services, tourism, travel, hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, karaoke bars, spas; human resource supply, corporate restructuring.

UHM Luxury Massage & Spa

With experience in the field of management and operation of spa and beauty facilities, with the guidance and initialization by UHM Group - The pioneer in the field of setup consultancy, operation management and restructuring about resorts, hotels, entertainment center, beauty center,... sub-brand UHM Luxury Massage & Spa will surely be a professional and diligent "companion" to develop the most effective business model with individuals/businesses. 


UHM Entertainment which is a member at an initial stage of development but has a rapid growth in the media, continues to develop its brand with a series of major projects in 2019. To catch up with the 4.0 era and create a next generation of employees who are dynamic, innovative and integrated, UHM Entertainment is a pioneer discovering new lands, new aspects of technology and ideas.


As a sub-brand - a member company of UHM Group, UHM Luxury Coffee was established with the goal of developing the quality of the industry which has been extremely active in recent years - F&B industry or more specifically is the Vietnamese coffee market. With the experience of operating chains of restaurants and coffee shops across the country, as well as with the expertise, sensitivity to market movements of UHM Group, UHM Luxury Coffee will join "playground ” confidently and leaving many beautiful impressions.


As a subsidiary brand and a member company of UHM Group, UHM Luxury Condotel was established with the goal of developing condotel resort and accommodation services in Vietnam. With experience in managing and operating many international-scale projects in the US and India, UHM Luxury Condotel is constantly growing and helping businesses reduce the burden on the existing with many risks in Condotel (Vietnam).


UHM Luxury Hotels - belong to UHM Group, specialized in setup consultancy, operation management and restructuration of the resort, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop,... With experienced experts and professional staffs, UHM Group is expected to assert its position in this “smoke-free” industry.


A professional online hotel booking software via website and application with a network of thousands of hotels across Vietnam, supporting for customer with the most economical trip, easy-to-use interface and having a team of expert consultants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


UHM Booking is a specialized online booking system for business people on a business trip through the provision of hotels and resorts integrated with the classy and professional utilities.